CMS Science Fair

CMS Science Fair 2017-18
Posted on 11/28/2017
Science Fair 2017-18

Culpeper Middle School Science Fair

Participation Packet

Welcome! You are here because you are planning to participate in the 2017-2018 CMS Science Fair.  The first step is to submit the Student and Parent Acknowledgement Form that includes your question for your project.  Information to support you as you complete your Science Fair Project can be found in Google Classroom.  Congratulations on your participation in the Science Fair!  We are eager to see your final project!

What is a Science Fair Project?

A science fair project is completed using the parts of the scientific method.  It begins when you choose a topic and then ask a question you have about that topic that can be answered through an experiment.  Once you have your question, you will make a hypothesis.  Then it is time to plan how you will set up your experiment.  This includes variables, procedures, and materials.  The fun part comes next when you conduct your experiment and collect data.  The results and conclusion come last.  Sound like a lot?  Don’t worry!  I am here to help you with each step!


  1. Students can work alone or in a group of two or three; students may drop out of a group, but cannot join a group once projects are started

  2. Students may not complete a project using any vertebrate animals (this includes testing on people)

  3. Students may not complete a project using potentially hazardous biological agents or hazardous chemicals, activities or devices

  4. Project displays must fit within a 36” wide space

  5. Demonstrations, library research, informational projects, models or kits will not be accepted as a science fair project

  6. Topic and question should be approved prior to beginning your project

How do I Choose a Topic and Question?

  • Think about your interests and questions you have about the world; what is important to you

  • Examples of possible topics relevant to a middle school student:

    • Does the volume of water in a bottle affect how many times the bottle lands on the bottom when flipped?

    • Does the size of a soccer ball affect the number of juggles?

    • Does mass affect the distance traveled by a model rocket?

    • Does temperature affect the strength of a magnet?

Joining Google Classroom:

  • Go to

  • Login in using your login #

  • Click on + in top right corner and select “Join Class”

  • Enter the following code:  22uhmu

  • You can come to Mrs. Harmon’s room on Fridays during WEB to use a computer

Important Dates:

Student and Parent Acknowledgement Form Due Date….Friday, December 22

Science Fair Project Final Due Date……………………….......…..Friday, February 2

Culpeper Middle School Science Fair…………………….......…..Tuesday, February 6 (during school)

Public Visitation ………………………………...........................…... Tuesday, February 6 (after school)

Virginia Piedmont Regional Science Fair at UVA…...........…..March 2018 (during school)

Science Fair Awards

  • Awards for first place winners in each grade level

  • Top eight students will take a field trip to Charlottesville in March to compete in the Regional Science Fair at UVA

  • Cash prizes awarded to winners at the Regional Science Fair

What Next?

  1. Complete your student and parent acknowledgement form and turn it in

  2. Join CMS Science Fair in Google Classroom

  3. Start researching ideas for your project (use resources in Google Classroom)

  4. Use the Science Fair Planning Sheet to start planning your project

Name _________________________________________ Grade Level_________

Science Fair Project Planning Sheet



Independent Variable

Dependent Variable





Research Questions

Check Your Work


Does it include your variables?

Is it informative?

It should not be a question


Does it include your variables?

Is it testable?

Independent Variable

Is it what you are changing in the experiment?

Dependent Variable

Is it the data you are collecting in the experiment?


Do you have five?

Are they the parts you are keeping the same?

They should not be one of your variables above


Did you include what you think and give a reason why?

I think________________________, because_______________________________


Did you write them in a list?

Did you include amounts?

Did you include everything you will need?

Did you give details about what you are using?


Did you write numbered steps?

Did you include at least five trials?

Did you explain each step with enough detail for someone else to do what you did?

Did you include your constants?

Did you include the data you will record?

Research Questions

Did you include three questions?

Did you write questions that cannot be answered with an experiment?

Do your questions relate to your topic?

Science Fair Board Layout IdeasImage result for Science Fair Board LayoutImage result for Science Fair Board Layout

Image result for Science Fair Board Layout

CMS Science Fair - Student and Parent Acknowledgment Form


Group Project?        No         Yes: Group Member Names_______________________________________

Science Fair Topic______________________________________________________________________

Science Fair Question

Student Acknowledgement

  • I understand the risks and possible dangers to me of the proposed research plan

  • I will follow all rules and guidelines when conducting my research

  • I have read and will abide by the following Ethics statement

Scientific fraud and misconduct are not condoned at any level of research of competition.  Such practices include but are not limited to plagiarism, forgery, use of presentation of other researcher’s work as one’s own and fabrication of data.  Fraudulent projects will fail to qualify for competition in affiliated fairs.  

______________________   _______________________   ____________   

Student’s printed name Signature Date

Parent Acknowledgement

I assume responsibility for any risks and possible dangers involved in my child’s research plan.  I understand that fraudulent behavior will result in my child being removed from the Science Fair and he/she will no longer be eligible for bonus points.  I consent to my child participating in this research.

______________________   _______________________   ____________   

Parent’s printed name Signature Date

Parent Contact Information:

_____________________________   ______________________________   

Email     Phone Number

Return to Mrs. Harmon in Room 208 by Friday, December 22, 2017