6th Grade Supply List

Parents/Guardian of rising 6th graders please read:
6th Grade Parent Letter

6th Grade Supply List

One 1 ½ inch binder (History classes)
One 2 inch binder OR Two 1 inch binders (Math)
2 composition notebooks (English)
One 1 ½ inch binder (Science)
Loose Leaf paper for binders (enough for the whole year)
#2 pencils
Pencil pouch
3 sets of subject tab dividers (1 pack for each subject except English)
1 pack of colored pencils
One set of inexpensive earbuds to take to English, History, and Science
One pair of inexpensive earbuds/headphones for testing/computer use (Math)(to be kept in the
1 or 2 boxes of tissues (Homeroom classes only)
1 bottle of hand sanitizer (Homeroom classes only)

Choir 6
*Students should plan to purchase a choir t-shirt online at the start of the school year ($20). The
website link will be provided the first few weeks of school. These shirts will be worn at choral events
throughout the year (field trips and the spring choral concert).
* Two boxes of tissues for Choral Dept class use
* One bottle of hand-sanitizer for Choral Dept class use
* Your Chromebook will be used for music journaling
Art 6
* 3 ring binder
* Pack of pencils
* Pack of computer paper (at least 50 sheets, blank)
* Pack of lined paper
* One box of tissues
* Please note: Classroom art supplies other than pencils are provided by the art department and shared
among all art students. If you'd like to limit your student's exposure to shared supplies, it may be helpful
to have their own pencils, colored pencils, erasers, and scissors.
Drama 6
* Pair of Socks (for making sock puppets)
Gifted 6
* Box of Tissues
* Clorox Wipes
* Lined paper
* Roll of scotch tape
* Pencils
* Headphones
Band 6
* $12.00 Uniform Fee (All students)
* 1/2 or 1 inch hard cover 3 ring binder
* Page protectors
Gym 6
* $16.00 Gym Uniform Fee
Intro to Agriscience 6
* 1 inch hard cover 3 ring binder
* Box of Tissues
* Hand-sanitizer
Foreign Language 6
* 1 inch 3 ring binder
* 1 pack of lined paper
* Two boxes of tissues for classroom use
* 1 bottle of Hand-sanitizer for classroom use
* 1 container of  disinfecting wipes for classroom use
* One Pack of pencils
* Headphones
Technology 6
* Box of tissues
* Hand-sanitizer
Family and Consumer Science 6
* Sandwich or large ziploc bags
* Felt squares
* Embroidery Needles
* Hand Soap
* Dish Soap
* Hand-sanitizer
* Box of tissues
Third Quest: Reading Remediation 6
* Pencils
* Highlighters